IWS RDWC Pro System


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IWS RDWC Pro System

The IWS RDWC Pro System multi-pot systems are inter-connected to a control unit using 25mm flexible pipe intergrating IWS patented sealing glands, professional timer units and magnetic float valves.
The RDWC control unit is fed by a reservoir and has been designed to fill all the connected pots to 25mm below the root zone for accelerated growth.

Iws Recurculating deep water culture systems are available in 4 to 24 pot. These are the next step up from standard dwc systems, The recurculating action increases air to the roots and balances ph and ec levels in every pot.
The Grow System’s net pots hang down into misting chambers where air stones create a constant stream of bubbles in the nutrient solution to constantly oxygenate the roots.

The nutrient solution circulates between the pots to keep every pot topped up with the solution and maintain balanced pH and EC.

The recirculating option constantly pumps nutrient solution between the pots.
When the solution falls to a minimum level in the control unit the floats trigger a refill from the water butt.

Benifits of the IWS RDWC PRO

1. Growers can choose their pot spacing.
2. Minimum substrate used resulting in less mess.
3. Start on a small scale and add pots at a later date if needed.
4. Up to 24 pots can be linked to one water butt

RDWC KIT Contains:

  • pro brain (recirculating pump, drain pump, water level control, grasslin timer)
  • water butt, including mj1000 fill pump.
  • 19 litre outer pots.
  • lids.
  • observation caps.
  • baskets.
  • pro pipe (25mm) and 25mm pro fittings.


4 Pot, 8 Pot, 12 Pot, 16 Pot, 20 Pot, 24 Pot