Ionic PK Boost 2L


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Ionic PK Boost 2L is a supplement to be used with flowering and fruiting plants. Ionic PK Boost can be used with any IONIC Bloom, GreenHaze Bloom or any other good quality bloom nutrient.

Growth Technology Bloom nutrients have the correct levels of phosphorus and potassium, however, flowering and fruiting plants can deplete the levels in the system very quickly.

IONIC PK Boost 2L is used to maintain or enhance the levels of these nutrients that are so crucial to successful harvests. These elements are delivered in the precise ratio of the elemental macronutrients that the plant needs to thrive and really deliver in the bloom phase.

Always follow the specific instructions for PK Boost and use throughout the flowering and fruiting stage of growth.


  1. use the appropriate base nutrient for your chosen method of growing, follow the instructions on the bottle and maintain PH and EC in the target zone.
  2. When plants enter the flowering cycle, commence adding IONIC PK Boost to the tank.
  3. First check and correct PH and EC- then add PK Boost to tank at a rate of 1ml per litre.
  4. Repeat dosage of PK Boost every 7 to 8 Days.
  5. Change tank on a regular basis.

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