Hydrotops bioponic Head Start



Hydrotops Head Start

Hydrotops bioponic Head Start has been developed to compliment our bioponic and Next Generation nutrient ranges and is designed to give your plants’ a “head start in life” every time. Using head start, you immediately see a difference in growth and vigour in your plants. Plants grown on head start are prepared to go on and produce abundant foliage and profuse flowers later in the growing cycle. Available as soft water, moderately hard water and hard water formulations for use in hydroponic, coco and soil growing.

Available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 25 litres
No plant growth regulators (PGR’S)

Hydrotops bioponic Head start is a fully balanced, single part biologically active nutrient concentrate developed with the needs of young plants and cuttings in mind. It is the ideal nutrient for your cuttings and young plants and all your propagation needs. Blended with humic and fulvic acid fractions at the optimum ratio with finely balanced nutrition from earth friendly resources. bioponic head start supplies full trace elements and calcium at the correct ratio for young plants to build a strong foundation before moving to the growing phase of your crop.

  • Specifically designed for the early stages of growth
  • Supplies all the nutritional needs for young plants and cuttings
  • Creates healthier young plants and cuttings that lead to bigger vegetative plants with massive yields

Hydrotops created a stand-alone nutrient for young plants because as a plant matures, it has drastically different nutritional needs throughout its life cycle. Grow nutrients have the wrong ratio of major elements and is lacking in many micronutrients for young plants. Use of head start facilitates the early stages much more effectively than grow nutrients but grow nutrients are more effective during vegetative growth, once your plants are out of propagation.

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1L, 5L, 25L