Hydrotops bioponic flush



Hydrotops bioponic flush

Hydrotops bioponic flush supplies the correct ratio of enzymes and catalysts to enable your plants to process as much of the remaining nutrient in the cellular structure and removing any surplus prior to harvest. Flushing increases crop yield whilst improving aroma and flavour significantly. Available in in soft water and hard water formulations.

  • Available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 25 litres.
  • No plant growth regulators (PGR’S)

Flushing your crop is also a direct factor in increased yields. Adding an extra week or ten days to your flowering period not only improves taste and aroma it will increase your yield by up to 10%. This will also give you an overall enjoyable experience of your produce.

  • Removes excess nutrition from your end-product, resulting in sweeter flavours and enhanced aromas
  • Acts as a catalyst, forcing your plant to use every last drop of nutrition possible, further boosting yields and density
  • Supplies the correct ratio of enzymes and organic plant hormones at harvest time
  • Can be used in Soil, Coco and hydroponics
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1L, 5L, 25L