HR-50 Complete Kit With Analogue Humidistat




Humidity is important to help your plants with the development of the final yield. It is common in plants to want to grow in a humid environment. The HR-50 Complete Humidity Kit comes with a high quality humidifier and hygrostat which work together to give you an high level of environmental control in your grow room.

HR-50 Complete Humidity Maxi Kit for grow rooms with 10-15 lights.

Humidity is a severely underrated factor when it comes to optimising plant performance and final yield. Too often indoor growers opt for the safe approach of very low humidity to avoid any potential rot or moisture related problems during flowering or fruiting. The truth about humidity though is that most plants actually thrive in more humid conditions, especially during the vegetative growth stage where ideally you need to maintain 50-70% relative humidity.

If you want strong and healthy plants, you need to consider the relative humidity in your grow room. Our Humidification Kit-HR 50, offers you all of your humidification needs in a simple to use kit. Excellent value for money.

Humidity Explained

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapour that the air holds at a given time. It is usually expressed as a percentage in relation to the maximum amount of water vapour that the air will hold at the current temperature. This particular and most common form of humidity measurement is known as Relative Humidity (RH) and is usually expressed as a percentage. Taking humidity and temperature into account together makes sense since they are directly related, i.e. the warmer the air, the more water vapour it can hold. Consequently at 100% humidity the air cannot hold any additional water vapour – unless the temperature were to alter somehow.

Plants and Humidity:

A common misconception in indoor gardening revolves around the idea that plants do not like high levels of humidity. This quite simply isn’t true! Plants love high humidity (especially in vegetative growth), but all too often indoor growers create low humidity environments to avoid potential pathogens that are not really an issue until the flowering stage. This “play it safe” attitude is understandable as nobody wants to have a fungal or bacterial problem but through careful humidity management you can avoid these problems whilst also significantly improving your growth rates.

Plants and Humidity:

Your plants’ ability to stay suitably hydrated and capable of absorbing the necessary nutrients for growth greatly depends on how efficient water transportation is within their systems. The humidity of your growing environment can potentially disrupt this process as it is a controlling factor in terms of how much moisture transpires from your plants and therefore how water moves through the plant from roots to leaves.

To understand the effect of humidity on water transport there are a couple of points you need to know. Firstly, water tends to move from high humidity areas to low humidity areas.

Due to the fact that your plants will now be growing in an artificial light controlled environment, you need to consider dark cycles – when humidity usually decreases. Counteract this accordingly by setting up your grow room so that humidity is about 10% higher at night compared to the day. Be warned though – if at any point humidity drops below the suggested rate for a prolonged period of time plants stand the chance of experiencing potentially troublesome issues, including over-fertilisation.


High humidity can remain present in the growing environment up until the flowering/fruiting period at which point it should be lowered to significantly reduce the threat of rot. An effective solution to preventing humidity from rising too high is with adequate ventilation. By extracting hot and humid air and replacing it with cooler less humid air from outside your grow room, high humidity will automatically become less of an issue. A suitable setting at this stage would be one of the following:

To keep your grow environment within the optimum range of humidity a humidifier should be employed. We offer two options when it comes to increasing humidity. For grow rooms with 4-6 lights the Midi Centrifugal Humidifier will be ideal, whereas the Maxi Centrifugal Humidifier perfectly suits grow rooms containing 10-15 lights. We recommend the complete kit as it comes supplied with an integral humidistat, 100 Litre Space Saver Water Butt and all the necessary pipework to get the systems up and running.

• Compact enough to fit into small growing areas
• Easy to install (connects to water tap or water tank)
• Can be connected to another reservoir for automatic top-up.
• Suitable for propagation