Hailea V series Air Pumps



Hailea V series Air Pumps.

V-series air pumps are Premium quality pumps that benefit from superior construction and materials. V series air pumps from Hailea are amongst the quietest models available and are perfect for numerous hydroponic applications.

  • High quality
  • Aerates multiple tanks or dwc pots
  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Comes with a manifold

Pump specs:-

V20 – 20l/min – 4x standard air stones, 3x disc air stones
V30 – 30l/min – 6x standard air stones, 4x disc air stones
V60 – 60l/min – 10x standard air stones, 7/8x disc air stones

As standard the V20 comes with a 4 way manifold, The V30 comes with a 6 way manifold and the V60 comes with a 10 way manifold. Each pump has a screw in valve that fits 8mm air line.

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V20 – 20l/min, V30 – 30l/min, V60 – 60l/min