Hailea Chillers



Hailea Chillers.

Without Hailea Chillers Hydroponic nutrient solutions can risk becoming stagnant in warm environments. Warm water is prone to algae, increases plant stress, and may even prevent nutrient solution from retaining dissolved oxygen.

The Hailea Chillers maintain a cool climate in water tanks. Users can keep their plants at a safe, ideal temperature and produce high yields in all hydroponic environments.

  • Keep your nutrient solution at ideal temperatures
  • correct temperatures keep your plants growing perfectly
  • Available in multiple sizes to suit your setup and needs


How to use:-

Choose the correct size of pump using the flow rate as a guide, Set the correct temperature on the chiller unit, Pump water from your reservoir through the chiller and back to the tank again again SIMPLE!



For tank Capacity: 100L
Power: 1/20HP Refrigerant R134a
Flow Rate: 200~1000L/H
Weight: 9.2kg
Size: 338 × 218 × 325mm


For tank capacity: 150L
Flow rate: 250-1200L/h
Weight: 15kg
Size: 420 x 248x 365mm


For tank Capacity: 300L
Flow Rate: 1000L-2500L/h
Weight:  18.6Kg
Size: 448 x 330 x 440mm


For tank Capacity: 500L
Flow Rate: 1200 – 3000L/h
Weight: 22kg
Size: 475 x 360 x 490mm

Choose Option

HC-100A for 100l tank, HC-150A for 150L tank, HC-300A for 300L tank, HC-500A for 500L tank