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Grow Gadgets Laser Thermometer



Grow Gadgets Laser Thermometer

Measure your grow room temperature instantly: just pull the trigger on this infrared thermometer. This tool from Grow Gadgets is a low-cost, handheld alternative to wall-mounted models. Not only can it measure ambient temperature, but its precise laser will identify changes in your plants and soil.


Precise, instant results

The laser thermometer is capable of measuring from -50℃ to 330℃, taking it far beyond the capabilities of a standard analogue thermometer. The built-in laser offers meticulous aim, allowing you to check almost anything. With a response time of less than 500ms the results are truly instant.

The appliance is accurate to within 4°C between the range of -50°C to 0°C, and accurate to 2°C above this range.


Easy reading, anywhere

The lightweight, pistol-grip design means that the thermometer is always on hand and always visible. Its easy-to-read LCD screen features a low battery indicator, backlight indication, and an automatic power-off facility that turns the instrument off after 10 seconds to preserve battery life.

Where to use Grow Gadgets Laser Thermometer?

The thermometer will aid almost every aspect of your grow room and allow you to make more informed decisions about ventilation, hydration, and nutrient feeding. Measure ambient temperature, emissions from grow lights and ballasts, soil climate, or monitor the leaf surface temperature (LST) of individual plants.

The thermometer is equally useful outside of the grow space! It can be used for cooking and baking, automotive and household repair, or to monitor body temperature.


Why choose Grow Gadgets Laser Thermometer?

Provides instant temperature readings;

Handheld, lightweight, and transportable;

Easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit;

Clear LCD with low battery indicator;

Capable of measuring from -50℃ to 330℃.


Product Specifications:

Brand: Grow Gadgets

Temperature Range: -50℃ – 330℃

Measurement Units: ℃ / ℉

Product Dimensions:

Battery: 1 x 9V battery (included)

Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1

Emissivity: 0.95 (fixed)

Response Time: <500ms