Green Planet Bud Booster



Bud Booster

Green Planet Bud Booster is an original bloom additive, because of its high level of phosphorus, Bud Booster helps promote Flowering and assists in the plants metabolism during the middle of the flowering stage. Bud booster simply put is a flower enhancer generally used by entry level gardeners to achieve a larger heavier crop. This extremely cost effective product will increase the size and density of flowers using powdered phosphorous and potassium. The potassium helps improve the quality of your flowers/fruits and helps with the plants starch production. Contains no dye’s or harmful ingredients.

Benefits of Green Planet Bud Booster

  • Flower enhancer
  • Promotes blooming.
  • Assists in plants metabolism.
  • Increases size.
  • Can be used with Soil, Coco or Hydroponics
  • Increases density.
  • No dyes included.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • No harmful ingredients included.

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