Gold Label Special Mix

Gold Label Special Mix Soil is derived from the highest quality Swedish peat mixed with perlite for incredible results, it has quickly been established as a customer favorite for its fantastic water holding capabilities. With enough nutrition for 2-3 weeks you will be sure to grow lush healthy plants, Special mix retains its open structure, even when wet, making it ideal for use with the wilma drip feed systems.

Flagship substrate

Special Mix is the flagship substrate in the Gold Label range. Developed over the past 20 years, it gives you the best chance of success when you grow with soil nutrients.

Swedish White Peat

Swedish white peat has a stable structure and low dust content, which helps the water spread evenly through the substrate. It has an incredibly high water holding capacity while maintaining high oxygen levels due to the coarse structure.

Family History

Our long family heritage means we have unique relationships with suppliers, which ensures our batches of Special mix are consistent every time, ensuring you get a consistently great product.


Benefits of using Gold Label Special Mix

  • Gold Label a trusted name for 80 years
  • RHP and KIWA certified for quality assurance
  • Pre mixed with Perlite for an airy rich soil
  • 1 gram can absorb 10g of water
  • PH Stable
  • Contains organic growth stimulants for very fast growth and a healthy root system
  • A coarse structure to promote root growth and stability

Weight 15 kg

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