Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40 Mix

Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40 Mix is one of the most popular Grow media in the industry today, taking you closer to full hydroponics growing without having to feed as often as just clay pebbles.

Gold Label have been the market leaders in manufacturing substrates and nutrients in Holland for many years. We are a family run business dating back three generations.

Gold Label has a long history of innovation, product improvement and quality certification. Their professional substrates and nutrients are the result of both using the finest materials in the market and focusing on the needs of their customers. Gold Label are innovating and developing Their products as the market changes to ensure they meet expectations of their worldwide customer base.

Growers worldwide recognize Gold Label as the premium quality substrate and nutrient manufacturer .

Gold Label is all about quality. A bad substrate can cause a lot of damage. Their quality substrates are not only RHP certified, but are the only peat substrate manufacturer whose peat substrates also have KIWA certification. Horticultural growers trust Gold Label Substrates and Nutrients. That’s why professionals Worldwide use Gold Label substrates.

Gold Label HydroCoco is an ideal match for high water capacity, lower watering frequency and better rooting. We utilize the 8-16mm Hydrocorn from Gold Label and the purest Gold Label Coco to give to give you the perfect Flood and Drain growing media which also works well in any pot based systems. The 60/40 mix allows you to feed less frequently than in straight Hydrocorn and gives a buffer on the watering times.

Only the finest materials go into Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40, ensuring you see a reliable performance from each and every bag time after time.

Why should i choose Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40

  • Ideal for use with Flood and Drain and Wilma Grow Systems
  • Trusted By growers Worldwide
  • Retains an ideal mixture of water and air for healthy root Development
  • Great drainage – will not become water-logged
  • Made from only the finest materials for reliable quality
Weight 15 kg

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