Gavita Pro 750W 400V EL DE Lamp

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Gavita Pro lamps

The Gavita Pro lamps are specifically designed for high voltage, high frequency fixtures such as the Pro line fixtures.
Made in Europe, these Gavita lamps are the professional choice for growers who require the optimal light output and longest light maintenance on the market. Available in 600, 750 and 1000W Gavita offer you a complete range of horticultural lamps.

Remember to change your lamps once every year for optimal light output.

• 750W high frequency horticultural lamp
• Up to 10% higher yields
• Life expectancy of 5,000 hrs
• Amazing light maintenance of 95% after a year (5,000 hours)
• Incredible PAR output: 1500 μmol
• Quartz glass outer bulb for perfect photosensitive quality
• Use with high frequency, 400V electronic ballasts (GAVITA Pro series)
• Double ended – even burn
• 3 year warranty on ALL GAVITA products