Gavita Pro 6/750 Full Fixture


Gavita Pro 6/750 Full Fixture

The ‘e’ in ‘e-series’ stands for external control. The Gavita Pro 6/750 Full Fixture can be controlled centrally by a Gavita Master controller. This replaces the often cumbersome installation with contactors and clocks, and adds safety features such as automatic dimming of your lights at high temperatures and even a safety shutdown.We improved the electronics and changed the way the ballast is built, by mounting the PCB and warm components directly on the heat sinks instead of in a ballast bracket. The much cooler electronics result in a greater reliability and a longer life. The new design of the housing even increases that effect.

Complete fixture

The integration of ballast and reflector results in a compact fixture. No external lamp wires results in low EMI, which makes it easier to comply with FCC regulations. All our fixtures are FCC compliant.

Horticultural design

The Gavita Pro 6/750 Full Fixture is not a remote ballast and reflector, it is a fixture designed as a complete fixture. The high quality white coating is durable and UV resistant. All the terminals are sealed with gaskets and contact and terminals are high quality.

  • 400V lamp technology for high frequency electronic ballast
  • Replaceable reflector
  • Controllable output
  • Double ended lamp
  • High frequency electronic ballast
  • Soft start
  • No in-rush current
  • Suitable for Gavita Master Controllers
  • Soft dim

Plug & Play installation

Connect your fixtures to the master controller with the standard controller cables provided with the controller and the fixture. It’s all plug and play. Gavita provides original accessories if you require replacements or different length controller cables.

  • Input current at 100% – 4.4 Amps
  • Input current at 110% – 6.1 Amps
  • Input power at 100% – 1050 Watt
  • Input power at 110% – 1200 Watt
  • Lamp base – Gavita Pro Plus 1000 W 400V EL DE HPS K12 x 30S
  • 240 Volt
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