Gavita Master controller EL1


Gavita Master controller EL1

The Gavita Master controller EL1 and EL2 Gen2 are Gavita’s entry-level systems for controlling any size rooms with the Gavita e-series fixtures. The second generation of Master controllers features improved and expanded functionality that raises the bar:

  •  Non-volatile memory
  •  Event logging
  •  Independent sunrise and sunset settings
  •  Independent light cycles on the EL2

Features & Benefits
Switch, dim and boost Lights
Now you have complete control over the light cycle and the output of your fixtures from one single point.

Simple programming
Setting up the controller is a breeze, with a 5 language text interface in plain language on a high quality LED display.

The logging functionality provides insight in the current and past status of your lights and alarms.
Logging functions for high/low temperature, last auto dim time, last shutdown time and last power loss.

Separate sunrise/sunset
Set different times for sunrise and sunset.

Crop safety – autodim
In extreme conditions the Master Controller automatically dims your lights, so your plants will survive the high heat.

Crop protection – auto-shutdown
When cooling or ventilation fails, the Master Controller automatically switches off your lights, preventing imminent damage to your crop (or worse).

Gen 2 improvements

Memory – All Gavita master controllers use dependable, non-volatile memory to store user settings.

Logging – All master controllers now have logging functions for high/low temperature, last auto-dim event, last shutdown event and last power loss, including the event’s date and time

Separate sunrise/sunset control – Set different periods for sunrise and sunset

Independent cycles on EL2 models – These cycles let you program two different, overlapping cycles (for example, a 12/12 on channel 1 and an 18/6 on channel 2).

Independent programmable External Contactor Modules (ECMs) – In Gen 2 EL2 controllers, now you can choose whether they switch on or off and which channel they follow. The results? Flexible integration and automation.

The Master Controllers are extremely easy to set-up. The two-line green OLED display is sharp and easy to read, even in a high light intensity environment, and all menu items are in plain text. The 4-button control of the menu system is intuitive. A special fifth button is added to directly set the output of your fixtures. Red and blue LEDs show you the output status of your controller ports and give you a quick view of any errors.
The wiring system is plug-and-play with all the cables you need already included with each e-series fixture. The manual describes how you can make custom cables for any length. Different lengths of control cables are available as original Gavita accessories. You can find more information on how to connect your fixtures to our controller here: Single Bus vs. Repeater Bus

The controller is easy to mount with the supplied bracket. Two screws are all you need to install it and the controller clicks right in. This enables you easy access to the wiring at the bottom of the controller.

The most important and valued features of the Master controller are the temperature safety features. Your lamps will automatically dim when your climate control is no longer able to maintain the correct temperature. Or will even shut down your lamps when a maximum temperature is reached. These features have saved many crops already!
The control signal is a safe, analog and low voltage signal, and the controller is protected from signal shortcuts in the wiring. Wiring faults will not kill your controller.
Last but not least, the EL2 offers you alarm contacts (NO and NC) to seamlessly integrate your controller in your alarm and monitoring systems. Whenever there is a calamity (power outage, emergency shutdown or sensor failure) the alarm contacts will switch, notifying you of the fact that you need to take action.

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