Flying Skull Cal Mag Extreme 1L


Flying Skull Cal Mag Extreme

Flying Skull Cal Mag Extreme 1L is a Calcium, Magnesium and Iron nutrient supplement designed to enhance the performance of any plant food. Magnesium is vital for healthy plant development, Calcium is essential for cell formation and the addition of Iron aids photosynthesis. Cal-Mag eXtreme can also be used as a leaf feed to correct leaf curl.

Cal-Mag eXtreme may be used as a leaf feed for plants needing extra calcium, magnesium or nitrogen as root zone nutrients are being modified. It will often help when plants are suffering from stress due to insect attack or insecticide toxicity.

Flying Skull Cal-Mag Extreme 1L should be used to rinse coco before planting. Coco coir, as well as any other products made from coconuts, can contain large amounts of sodium. Sodium in relatively small quantities can be detrimental to potassium transfer from soluble solution to cell. Other adverse affects of sodium toxicity on plant growth can be the inhibiting and placement of enzymes. This is why it is always best to wash as much sodium out of the growing medium as possible before planting. Cal-Mag eXtreme will strip unwanted sodium from the coco, giving the plant the best chance for great growth.

For a proper flush to take place the grower must be able to determine the PPM of total dissolved solids of the water supply and the addition of the Cal-Mag eXtreme. That PPM or EC number is the flush target strength. Once this is determined, the coco coir is flushed with the diluted Cal-Mag eXtreme until what runs from the growing medium is the target flush strength. When the target flush strength has been achieved in the runoff, the coco coir should be left alone for a period of 1 hour. After the one hour period, the coco coir should be flushed again and a PPM/TDS/EC reading should be done to make sure the target flush strength is still reading the same as an hour before. Should the reading match the flush target strength the coco coir is ready to be used and the plants may be planted.


Shake before using.

  • Use 5ml per 4 litres of water or nutrient solution.
  • Application may be increased to 10ml per 4 litres of water if needed.
  • Use in combination with your standard fertiliser program.

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