Floraflex Quick Disconnect Dripper manifold



Floraflex Quick Disconnect Dripper manifold

Floraflex Quick Disconnect Dripper manifold is an eight outlet manifold that delivers water and nutrients to your plants at the pressure of your choice. The FloraFlex manifold system takes seconds to put together and/or take apart.

Assembled Unit Includes:

  • Flora Pipe Fitting 32mm
  • Flora Valve
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Multi Flow Bubbler
  • 20-60 psi
  • T or elbow fitting available to suit system set up.
  • changeable inserts adjust flow rate 7.6Lph, 22.8lph, 37.9lph, 77.8lph

We recommend our 32mm grey pipe and fittings to build your high pressure dripper system main lines as we have tried and tested them and have found them to be simple and cost effective, taking minimal time to design and construct your main feed lines and get to growing as quickly as possible.

A high pressure pump is required to run multiple Floraflex Manifolds and the larger the set up and longer the runs of pipe the bigger your pump will need to be, we can help you design your irrigation system and choose the right pump for the job in store or over the phone just call us on 01256 884152.


  • Build and automate a system to suit your space
  • finetune feeding times to increase yield and quality
Fitting type

Tee, Elbow