Drip Clean 500ml



House & Garden Drip Clean is a must for anyone using a drip irrigation system such as Auto pots or an IWS dripper system, as well as all other types of drip fed system.

Drip Clean works as a magnet, removing dirt particles from your piping every time the plants are fed. This ensures they remain clean and free of blockages, meaning less headaches as the plants develop.

Drip Clean also adds a boost of minerals to your plant, improving the greenness and vitality with every application.


To prevent any blockages of pipe work use drip clean with every watering. Use drip clean with any new systems to prevent build up of salts. NEVER add drip clean to an old system as this will cause all the salts to break away and this may cause blockages.

Dilution rate

1ml of drip clean will dilute into 1 litre of water making drip clean very economical to use.