CloudBurzT odour eliminator spray



CloudBurzT odour eliminator spray.

Cloudburzt Odour Eliminator spray is a high pressure air freshener removing all unwanted odours to leave a lasting scent of our selection of popular fragrances. 

Suitable for all areas including:



Spray short burzts according to the area and allow the scent of Cloudburzt to eliminate any lingering odours. 

  • 500ml high pressure spray
  • scents inspired by the most popular fragrances including Dior Savage, Paco rabanne One Million, Tom Ford Ombré Leather and more
  • Can be used anywhere there is an odour that needs eliminating.
  • available in 5 great scents.

TFOZ – inspired by Tom Ford Ombré Leather, BCDZ – Inspired by the popular Armani Code scent, SVGZ – Inspired by the popular Sauvage scent, FLRZ – Inspired by the popular 1 Million scent, KRDZ – Inspired by the popular Creed scent