BlueLab Conductivity (EC) Pen

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BlueLab Conductivity (EC) Pen.

the BlueLab Conductivity (EC) Pen is a compact and robust user-friendly handheld pen which measures the conductivity of nutrient solutions in the units of your choice and temperature in °C or °F. Automatically temperature compensated to ensure accurate readings every time.

Fully waterproof rather than merely water-resistant, the Bluelab Conductivity Pen is designed to float if dropped into a reservoir. Hold function keeps the conductivity reading on screen for as long as required. Easy to calibrate, and calibration check mark reminds the user when recalibration is due. Powered by 1 x AAA alkaline battery (included, 350 hrs life), with power-saving auto shut-down after 4 minutes unused.

  • Simple operation
  • Ensure the correct nutrient strength to keep plants thriving
  • Ready to use out the box
  • 1 year Warranty