Biogreen X-Rooting



Biogreen X-Rooting.

Biogreen X-Rooting is a highly concentrated organic root stimulator containing humic acids, minerals and beneficial bacteria. It helps to preserve and balance the plant’s metabolic processes and increases the absorption of mineral nutrients by improving nutrient uptake.

Humic acid helps plant roots receive and transport water and nutrients, as well as aiding photosynthesis. A carefully developed mix of minerals are designed to increase the transportation from roots to shoots, and protect the plant from diseases.

​X-Rooting increases the root mass in your growing media “More roots, more fruits”!

  • 100% organic root stimulator
  • Perfectly suited for new cuttings
  • Perfect mix of 4 Minerals and humic acids
  • Stimulates natural rooting hormones
  • Promotes a healthy root system
  • Highly concentrated
  • No PGRs, made from 100% pure raw materials

Tip: pre-soak your propagation plugs in Biogreen X-Rooting solution to give your seeds and cuttings a healthy start.

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250ml, 1l, 5l, 10l