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BioGreen X Force



BioGreen X Force Silicon

BioGreen X Force is a powerful silicon-based booster that comes with a host of benefits, thickening up stems and strengthening branches, while preventing water loss, improving photosynthesis and increasing the absorption of CO2. It also increases plants’ resistance to disease and drought, while improving nutrient uptake! We wouldn’t grow without silicon!

How X-Force Works

Silicon works by strengthening up cell walls. By toughening each cell individually, the structural integrity of the whole plant improves. Add X-Force to your feeding regimen and you’ll notice a visible increase in the thickness of stems and the strength of branches. Silicon additives trigger an array of beneficial effects that combine to accelerate plant growth. X-Force enables plants to use carbon dioxide more effectively, which enhances photosynthesis rates. When plants photosynthesis more efficiently, they can put more energy into developing flowers and fruits, so you can expect bigger and better yields.

SiO2 1.4% – K2O 2.7% (K 2.2%) – B 0.2% – Mo 1.8%

Benefits of using Silicon

• Stimulates chlorophyll production.
• Reduces sodium intake and decreases saline stress.
• Increases potassium intake.
• Stimulates the formation of hair from the roots.
• Reduces damage by insects and fungi.
• protects against abiotic stress: drought (uV) and large temperature fluctuations.


250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L