Advanced Nutrients- Big Bud Coco


Advanced Nutrients- Big Bud Coco

Contains The “Missing Link” To Growing
In Coco Coir…

If you’re like the 91.7% of growers looking to bulk up their fruits for the biggest yields possible during every bloom cycle…

If you want bigger flowers, more essential smell and flavour, along with a measurable increase in harvest weight…

And if you’re one of the many growers who use the coco coir growing medium—you’re going to love this new breakthrough from Advanced Nutrients!

Just as bodybuilders need to take in extra protein after a workout to bulk up, your buds also crave a big protein boost. Advanced Nutrients- Big Bud Coco feeds them plenty of bio-available protein so they can build size, mass, and potency while thriving in coco coir.

Your plants will (of course) get the optimal amounts of phosphorous and potassium for strong flowering.

And besides this perfectly dialled-in PK spike, they’ll get a rich spectrum of secondary metabolites. So instead of expending a ton of energy producing their own amino acids, your plants can channel that energy directly into building bigger, heavier fruits!

Finally, your crops won’t suffer from any mysterious nutrient deficiencies related to coco coir because Big Bud Coco contains the “missing link” to great coco coir growing – a specifically chelated form of iron.


250ml, 1L, 4L, 10L