AutoPot 1pot XL 25L Systems With tank


AutoPot 1pot XL 25L Systems With tank.

The AutoPot 1pot XL systems 25L with tank is an amazing system for those wanting more from their plants without the trouble of pumps and timers.

Utilising the AutoPot AquaValve9 these systems allow you to grow with ease, just connect your system to the Included reservoir and off you grow!

you can use any growing media your like and the Aquavalve takes care of the watering for you leaving you free to enjoy your garden


  • from 1 pot to 100s of pots
  • No more worrying about watering
  • Modular design allows you to add or take away pots with ease
  • use Coco, rockwool, soil or even living soil!
  • supplied with 25L pots

All systems contain the pots, trays, valves, root control discs, connections, pipe and tanks to suit the chosen system size.

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1 pot Xl + 47L tank, 2 pot XL +47L tank, 4 Pot XL + 47L tank, 6 pot XL + 100L tank, 8 pot XL + 100L tank, 9 pot XL +100L tank, 12 pot XL + 225L tank, 16 pot XL + 225L tank, 24 pot XL + 400L tank, 36 pot XL + 400L tank, 48 pot XL + 400L tank, 60 pot XL + 400L tank, 80 pot XL + 750L tank, 100 pot XL + 750L tank