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Atami BloomBastic


Atami BloomBastic.

Atami BloomBastic The all-in-one Bloom Additive.

works as a stimulator, hardener, taste enhancer and as an activator for various enzymatic processes.

An International Award-winning high-quality cocktail of various minerals and organic compounds.

  • Contains 50% more P and K than most other Boosters
  • No sodium or chlorine used to make it
  • has a stress-preventing and recovering influence on the plant
  • increases the sugar content of your crop Increasing the weight and the smell
  • provides thick, dense, sweet-smelling flowers

Apply in the last 4 to 6 weeks of flowering and ripening in combination with the basic nutrients. Bloombastic can be used with any substrate and in any systems.


100ml, 325ml, 1.25L, 5.5L