Acoustic Ducting 10m



Because Acoustic Ducting 10m is Triple-layered with insulation material, it is the ideal ducting solution for when noise is an issue. Featuring outstanding sound deadening properties, Acoustic Ducting dramatically decreases fan noise and the sound of air travelling through the ducting. Acoustic Ducting 10m is made up of an inner layer and an outer layer of flexible-ducting separated by a layer of insulating fibreglass in-between. As air passes down normal Flexi-ducting, the sound of the fan and the flowing air vibrates the ducting producing noise. The insulating layer of fibreglass in our acoustic ducting prevents the vibration from getting from the inside layer of Flexi-ducting to the outside layer of Flexi-ducting. If the noise from your standard Flexi-ducting is causing a problem, using acoustic ducting will help reduce it.

  • Quietens air noise.
  • Cost-effective way of silencing your ventilation system.
  • Easy to use.
  • Available in 5m or 10m lengths.
  • Available in sizes to suit all fans and ventilation systems.
  • Reduces heat given off from ducting.
  • Strong and flexible.
  • Ideal alongside Silent fans or Acoustic box fans.
  • Easily fits FansFilters, and Air-cooled shades of the same size.

Growers Tip.

Fitting ducting can be done on your own but is far easier with an extra pair of hands. When attaching Ducting to a fan or filter we advise using adhesive tape first to create a tight seal and then using a padded clamp to give it a bit more strength ensuring easy hanging and also less chance of air leaks or the fan or filter coming away from the ducting. when deciding where to run your ducting always try and make the runs as straight as possible this will make airflow quieter and put less strain on your fan.

Weight 4 kg

100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm

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