32mm Grey PVC Pipe and fittings (Floraflex System)



32mm Grey PVC Pipe and fittings (Floraflex System)

32mm Grey PVC Pipe and fittings (Floraflex System) are ideal for creating your Floraflex Feed system, it is the correct diameter to fit tightly inside the 32mm Floraflex Dripper manifolds. we supply the pipe in 1.2m lengths for transport purposes but if you require longer lengths this can be arranged for collection from our store. we also supply elbows, Tee pieces Cross sections and isolation valves, so whatever the setup you are trying to build we have the bits you need.

  • Perfect for building 32mm Floraflex Systems
  • Pressure rated for 10 Bar
  • Elbows
  • Tee’s
  • Cross sections
  • Isolation valves
  • Stop ends
  • Unions
  • Strainer filters

We recommend The use of pressure Plastiweld  to seal permanent joints and the couplers to secure sections that will require maintenance. Doing so will make keeping your system clean and carrying out pump changes and such a far easier task. The use of organic fertilisers is possible with the floraflex systems but will require constant cleaning to ensure biofilm and pathogen build up is kept to a minimum, we find Nutrient programs like the Athena Pro and Blended lines create minimal build up and require far less maintenance during runs.

Fitting Type

32mm Grey PVC Pipe 1.2m length, 32mm Straight connector, 32mm Elbow, 32mm Tee, 32mm End cap, 32mm Cross connector, 32mm Union, 32mm Isolation valve