Reinforced aluminium and polyester laminated ducting supplied in all diameters with steel wire helix

This un-insulated flex is a reinforced aluminium and polyester laminated ducting with a high tensile steel wire helix. Supplied in 5 meter or 10 meter lengths. The duct is fully flexible and can be easily cut to shorter lengths without the need for special tools. It is generally used for ventilation where the duct doesn’t travel through cold areas or areas where there is a temperature change so there is no chance of condensation forming inside the duct. Aluminium uninsulated flex is easy to connect to circular ducting, fittings and spigots and can be fixed using Duct Clips.

Technical Data
Material: Reinforced aluminium, non-corrosive to steel, copper, aluminium and zinc
Temperature range: -30°C/130°C
Maximum operating temperature: 80°C

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